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Accelerated plethysmogram(A.P.G.) is classified to twenty-two wave forms. The pulse of A.P.G. has more than four turning points, a, b, c and d in the following. Each of the wave form of A.P.G. is defined by these points.
(-b/a) is larger, the wave form is better. (c/a) is larger and (d/a) is smaller, it is better. First, A.P.G. is classified to seven wave forms(A,B,C,D,E,F,G). by value of (-b/a). Second, each wave forms are classified by value of (c/a) and (d/a). We can get the twenty-two wave forms from A+ to G- in this way.
We show clinical data to define the wave forms.
1. the example of A+, A
18 years old, male, A+
@ 22 years old, male, A
A.P.G. of young healthy person who takes exercise usually may be A+ or A.
2. the example of G, G-
We show a last two years personal history of A.P.G. of an apoplexy patient who have passed away.

A.P.G. of heart disease or cancer patients are sometime G or G-.

What's A.P.G. ?  |  wave form  |  clinical data [ 1 ]  |  clinical data [ 2 ]
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