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The feature of BC Checker
  1. You can check your condition of blood circulation in a peripheral blood vessel or your vascular age by BC Checker.
  2. BC Checker is the best accelerated plethysmograph which is a kind of advanced photo plethysmograph.
The option of BC Checker
The exclusive printer The software of PC
The exclusive printer The software of PC
The construction of BC Checker

crross section
  1. Infrared rays which are emitted by the LEDá@ penetrate the fingertipáA and reach the peripheral blood vesseláB in our body.
  2. Some of the infrared rays are reflected, the others are absorbed by our body. The amplitude of the blood vessel influences an amount of the reflective rays.
  3. The reflective rays are caught by the photo diodeáC and transformed to digital signals.
  1. The MPU in BC Checker differentiates twice the amplitude of the digital signals. We get our accelerated plethysmogram(A.P.G.áD) in this way.
  2. The MPU in BC Checker selects the same pulse pattern of our A.P.G. among twenty-two pulse patterns and estimates the condition of our health for our age.
The operation of BC Checker
The operation of BC Checker
  1. the registration
    Our A.P.G. change as we grow older. If you need the comment about your A.P.G., you must input the information of your age and sex into BC Checker before you start to measure. Without such information you can get only your A.P.G., but no comment.
  2. the start to measure
    Before you use BC Checker, you should be relax and sit at a desk. First, you should put your fingertip on the red point of it and put elbow on the desk. Second, you or someone should push the "JOB" button on it. Third, it will start to work. It takes about twenty seconds to measure yourself.
  3. the display and the sheet
    When you finish to measure, you get a display on LCD and sheet by an exclusive printer.
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