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4.the effect of exercise
   We show the clinical data to research the relation between exercise and A.P.G. in the following. Some exercise improves our A.P.G. in both short-range and long-range.

Term 3days; exercise 4 hours per day ; 27 people joined
1) jogging 30 minutes  2) aerobics 30 minutes  3) stretch 2hours 30minutes
Term 2~6 months; exercise 15~40 minutes per day ;4 people joined
1) jogging and so on
5. the effect of dietary habit
   5 people have eaten the following food for one week. We measured their vascular age calculated by A.P.G. index before and after this experiment. The average of them is improved 7~15 years old.
6. Conclusion
   A.P.G. is one of the best medical examination to keep our health. To check our A.P.G. is useful to confirm the effect of our daily exercise and dietary habit. By the way, BC Checker developed by Future Wave, Inc. is used in all above clinical experiment.

What's A.P.G. ?  |  wave form  |  clinical data [ 1 ]  |  clinical data [ 2 ]
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